Vortex Viper PST 6-24×50 Review

Everything You Need to Know about the Vortex Viper PST 6-24×50

We recently reviewed a few Vortex Scopes as a basic scope review and indicated then that we’d be transportation in one among their additional military science centered scopes for review. Well, this is often half 2 within the series of Vortex scope reviews we’ll be doing. this point around we tend to did wish to review one among their military science rifle scopes and also the ophidian (Precision Shooting Tactical) is their middle vary military science series of scopes that sits below the high finish Razor military science scopes. we tend to had one among our readers volunteer to permit his 4-16x50mm scope to travel through our testing and like usual we tend to appreciate our readers’ temperament to assist out.
If you’ve got not scan our review of the Vortex Scope PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) you’ll be able to try this to induce a little additional info concerning the bottom Vortex ophidian line of scopes. For the Pacific Standard Time the intent was to require that base scope and add some target/tactical options to them to tailor the scopes for the sniping or target shooting community and however keep the value beneath R10 000. a number of these options embody giant exposed target knobs, zerostop, lit initial Focal Plane (FFP) reticule, and 30mm tube. worth|the worth|the value} will raise an honest quantity therefore it becomes the classic discussion of compromise in price or options. The scope is marked “Made within the Philippines”, wherever alternative|another} tight quality scopes are being created by and for other makers. The scope comes prepacked well in an exceedingly nice box with some tight directions, swimsuit vogue lens caps, fine lint-less fabric, shims for the zerostop, battery and a sunshade. this beautiful a lot of covers all of the fundamentals that one would want with the scope.

Ocular of the Vortex Scope PST

The ocular of the scope could be a quick focus eye piece that covers the whole adjustment zero in concerning one.3 rotations. It rotates swimmingly with marginal force and operates and focuses the reticule as required. there’s no lock on the attention piece further as no indicator mark to point wherever ocular is ready, therefore there’s some probability that it may rotate unbeknownst to the operator, although if flip-up scope caps are used it’d supply a sign it’s captive and by what quantity. The ocular will have an out sized rubber protecting ring on the tip concerning 0.5 an in. deep, providing protection for the shooter from a “scope kiss” however it conjointly puts the scope a few 0.5 in. nearer to the shooters eye as a result of it’s therefore deep..

Just before of the adjustable eye piece is that the illumination controls for the lit reticule. The management knob is ready at a forty five degree angle to avoid utterly obstruction the elevation or facet focus knobs from read once behind the scope. The illumination management goes from one through ten with associate off position between every variety. There are distinct clicks for every setting and for every off position to absolutely determine that setting you’re on. there’s conjointly a tick mark for distinguishing wherever the knob is positioned. solely the within, diligent portion of the reticule is lit and there aren’t any signs of leaky light-weight or over illumination within the scope tube.
In front of the ocular is that the magnification adjustment ring that has some fairly aggressive serrations on that to assist with providing grip all told climatic conditions. One issue we tend to liked on the quality Vortex scopes was the elevated tabs with the magnification labels on them therefore you’ll be able to tell what power the scope is ready at while not raising your eye far from the Vortex scope. They we tend tore a little giant on the quality ophidian we tested, however on this Pacific Standard Time they’re smaller and not therefore distinguished. they’re still clearly labeled and simple to envision from behind the scope creating this implementation of the thought even higher by not being as giant however being even as useful. One issue that will appear odd is that there’s a marking at five.3x rather than 6x, the explanation is as a result of once set at five.3x, it makes the house between every dot actual three mils rather than one. The index mark could be a high visibility red coloured fiber optic vogue indicator that shows up well. it’s almost like a number of the high visibility open sights that are accessible on some pistols further as rifles. It will give a decent and simply visible indicator mark for the facility ring. the facility ring rotates through the magnification vary swimmingly with concerning the proper quantity of resistance. there’s a little of “sloppiness” or “take-up” within the power choose ring once dynamic direction, like once you crank it up to 16x so switch to travel down in power. we’d wish to see that tightened up while not the slop.

Elevation for Windage

The elevation, windage associated facet focus knobs not blink on an elevated shoulder that’s rounded and swish. The elevation and windage knobs are a bigger vogue exposed turret with aggressive serrations on prime for grip. The knob sits down within a turret housing that’s fairly distinctive therein there’s a vertical wring the housing with the rotation markings on the surface of the housing. The rotation markings are used for activity what percentage times the knobs has been revolved utterly. The vertical wring the housing creates it in order that all-time low of the turret is clearly visible that helps make it easier to see simply that motility line the knob is at. this is often opposite of what most scopes interact having the motility marks marked on the post over that the turret rests. There are vertical lines for every click on the knob that shows up clearly within the viperpstvertical slot and by following that vertical line up it indicates that mark on the knob is chosen. This works well, however that perform of seeing the vertical white indicator mark in all probability has no real advantage over a conventional target vogue knob. there’s conjointly a red high vis mark on prime of the knob at the zero mark further, almost like the facility ring indicator mark, and whereas it’s extremely visible, we tend to don’t seem to be certain of the requirement for a red mark higher than the zero, because the actual “0” could be a pretty sensible indicator that you simply are at zero on the knob. There are 3 totally different up direction indicators marked round the knob to supply reminders of that means is up and one among those 3 is just about visible at concerning any setting on the knob.


Vortex Scope PST Mil Adjustments

Vortex indicates that this ophidian scope contains a total of twenty one MIL of vertical adjustment with five MIL of adjustment per revolution. This specific sample that we tend to tested had a complete of twenty three.5 MIL of adjustment, providing ample adjustment vary once combined with a leaning base for many sensible shooting ranges for this scope.

Windage and Elevation Knobs

Both the elevation and windage knobs on the Vortex Scope have 3 set screws round the prime of the knob which might be untangled with the provided wrench and also the knobs “slipped” to zero. this technique provides infinite adjustment vary and permits the knobs to be lined up utterly on zero. The elevation knob on the Vortex Scope PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) are setup with Vortex’s own zerostop setup that uses a series of shims that you simply place beneath the elevation knob once you’ve got the rifle and scope zeroed. You match as several of the shims beneath the knob as can match that then prevents the knob from going from now on down. it’s a simple approach and it works. The one recoil to the present straightforward approach is that it doesn’t provided a tough stop right at zero, instead it gets shut however can sometimes go below zero many clicks before touch the stop, although at that time it’s clear that you simply have bottomed it out and also the operator just brings the knob make a copy many clicks till at zero. For those of you only going in this and will not apprehend the aim of a zero stop, it’s merely simply a fast and simple thanks to bring your rifle right go into reverse to your “zero” settings on the rifle scope. this is often handy once you could have dialed in an exceedingly heap of vertical changes and have gone all the means round the knob quite once. Simply spin the knob go into reverse till it stops and you’re back to the first zero.


The facet focus knob is on the left facet of the scope and could be a bit larger diameter than the elevation and windage knobs and it doesn’t sit down in an exceedingly housing just like the alternative knobs. the highest of the knob has identical serrations on that for providing grip and also the knob itself is marked from fifty up to five hundred so eternity yards. curiously the knob rotates an honest quantity past the fifty on the low finish and past the eternity mark on the high finish. The knob is simple to grip with the serrations and it rotates swish and equally through the whole vary requiring concerning the proper quantity of force to insure it doesn’t move unknowingly. the main focus of the scope worked below fifty yards intent on as so much because the eye may see while not issue.
The Vortex Scope PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) could be a initial Focal Plane (FFP) scope therefore the reticule will shrink and grow with changes within the magnification setting in order that it’s continuously correct in spite of what power the scope is ready at. For FFP scopes there’s a compromise that has to be reached in terms of stadia thickness, once the scope is at its lowest power setting the stadia has to be thick enough to be visible, however you are doing not wish it too thick that once zoomed all the means in it obscures giant parts of your target. The ERB-1 MRAD reticule strikes a pleasant balance for military science use, it’s fairly thick at its highest zoom power, maybe too thick for exactness target shooting, however it’s setup nicely for military science shooting providing a decent visible stadia even on dark backgrounds. At the low power it’s still simply visible and even the smaller 0.5 MIL hash marks are visible at 4x. It ought to be noted conjointly that there’s associate ERB-1 flightless bird reticule that’s identical reticule however mark in flightless bird to be used with flightless bird knobs. On the Vortex Scope PST (Precision Shooting Tactical), Vortex matches the reticule units to the knob units therefore you mostly have a MIL/MIL or MOA/MOA scope.

Vortex Scope Lens Coating


The optics on this Vortex scope are coated with the Vortex XR lens coatings to assist with light-weight transmission, and also the glass itself is additional low dispersion glass. therefore what will that mean? Well, the optics are sensible, concerning on par with alternative similar quality scopes, although i’d not say that it sets the quality for this category of scope either. there’s sensible distinction and sharpness and also the scope gathers light-weight we tend toll at crepuscle and dawn conditions and even in weather condition as we full-fledged throughout our shooting evaluations of the scope. we’ve been asked concerning the standard of the 4-16x PST glass as there are some questions on the standard on early samples of the Vortex Scope PST (Precision Shooting Tactical), however on this one it absolutely was up to the standard we tend to expected. the attention relief for the scope could be a generous four inches and it stays quite constant through the whole zoom vary that is sweet. There ought to be no problems victimization this scope with wine bottle high-powered rifles.

Overall the Vortex scope PST performed well and had the items a military science shooter wants, it actually ought to a minimum of be thought of once buying a scope during this value vary. One issue that will have to be compelled to be mentioned further is that Vortex has a superb, and well attained, name of client service and in today’s world, that itself will go an extended means.


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