My discovery of the Secret Burner was actually through an email that was forwarded to me via a work colleague. As she knew I desperately wanted to lose weight but being a single mum with 2 kids can get a bit hectic and there is no time to keep fit or go to the gym.

Being overweight does put a damper in having a fully functional lifestyle and I so wanted to keep up with being a mum and trying to put myself out there on the dating scene again, as life does get to be lonely.


So, I clicked on the MelanotanZA web page and read up on The Secret Fat Burner, decided to give it a try. The best decision I made for myself as thanks to The Secret Fat Burner I was able to get a new lease on life. The best thing about fat burning supplement was apart from the boost in energy I got and losing the weight I did not need to be on any fancy eating plan or go to the gym.

I continued with my daily routine taking the supplement and soon the weight gain was gone, I had more energy to focus on my kids, I had better moods and my kids was so proud of their mum. Thank you Secret Fat Burner for giving me a new lease on life and helping me achieve my weight loss goal.


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